Яна Омельяненко

«Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.» — This quote by Benjamin Franklin was a breakthrough in the success of my lessons. Inspiration is a magical tool teachers can give to students to lead to their success. Making a student involved is a key to this. First, inspiration usually comes from what we see and what we like. Sharing teacher’s personal challenges, failures and achievements in the subject studied is likely to increase learners’ motivation. Similarly, a teacher can share a story of the success of a former student who, for instance, would struggle with English grammar tenses, but worked hard and challenged him or herself and eventually became CEO of a leading company. Such examples can intrigue and even advance the progress of students for academic and personal development. Secondly, it can almost never be a boring lesson when a teacher is enthusiastic and creative. A warm and friendly approach in an active environment by the teacher promotes a great students’ contribution in the classroom, thus, making them active learners rather than passive observers. Moreover, the use of appropriate teaching styles affords maximum opportunities for kinesthetic, visual, auditory learners reflecting the interests of different students perceived skills, and encouraging learners to study. Finally, students should be clearly explained to the importance of the material studied to eliminate barriers between the classroom and reality. For example, to illustrate lessons from the study of Russian culture of the nineteenth century, it is worth organizing a class visit to the houses of the Russian peasants, and familiarize themselves with the traditional customs of a Russian family, becoming a part of the most beloved of cardiac events even if only for a day, instead of reading a whist description in a history book. Therefore, referring to the words of the Director of Studies Mr. Paul Langman /1/ «excellent student results reflect the enormous amount of hard work done by pupils and students», where the first step of inspiration can be done by the teacher to make students a part of a magical process.