Back to January 2022: Exactly a year ago with the support of Institute of International education, against all the odds, we have launched our first international program called Advance.
S!E International Tekhnikum presents

Stages of preporation

That was quite an experience for us as well

Stage 1: We collected 76 applications

Stage 2: Conducted about 40 interviews

It all was possible thanks to our amazing team! (Ira @IrinaRozhko is behind the camera as second independent interviewer).

Stage 3: Selected 20 partiсipants

What is happening in this video? There was no description in the old site.

Strong team of educators

Program componets

70 hours of English language 🇺🇸 We had 3 groups of different levels

40 Hours of entrepreneurship 💼 These hours were devided btween group lectures and private consultations

40 hours of IT 🖥️The only dicipline that was tought 👀ONLINE

40 hours of enhancement activities 👷Lectures, Events, Excursions, Field Trips

Enhancement Activities

Every month, besides regular classes, our participants were able to meet outstanding entrepreneurs and business developers of our city!

cook and run game in Khabarovsk
with Natalia Bavdzey / April
HopsBrew, Khabarovsk
Gerorge Kalenteev & Nadezhda Pazhetnova / May
Siesta Coffee Roasters located in Khabarovsk
On June 29th, 2022, Advance program participants met with successful and experienced local entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in this field - Ale…
Alex Zayats & Vsily Egorov / June
[se.city program] resident interviews
Business forum in Yekaterenburg: Lizarkin, Anisimova, Orlova, Ri, Kalenteev / July

Art of Self Presentation [se.city event by Daria Orlova]
Self presentation is any behavior or action made with the intention to influence or change how other people see you. Anytime we’re trying to get people to th…
The art of self-presentation by Orlova Daria / September
Durmin Trip Report!
“Tracking the tiger” - an ecological, educational and cultural two-day trip with the major goal of community service (including cleaning up the territory of…
Durminskoe Nature Reserve by Alexader Batalov / October
Уникальная возможность для языковой практики.. | Международный Техникум | ВКонтакте
Уникальная возможность для языковой практики с носителем - в эту среду. Так еще и тема интересная! Специально для Speak! English выступит преподавател
no YouTube recording of this one, but it was nevertheless very good!
Project Presentation - the first plant for the production of dry building mixtures in the Far East.
Can a local entrepreneur build a factory? 100% yes.Participants of the Advance program in Khabarovsk personally met such an entrepreneur, and learned about a…
BROZEX ВОСТОК - first plant for production of dry building mixtures in the Far East by Leonid PadenkovDecember

Final Presentation Event tentative schedule:
(we should change this to actual timestamps in the YouTube video, right?)
18:15 - Svetlana Ri
18:20 - Ovchinnikova Marina
18:25 - Orlova Daira
18:30 - Bogdanovskaya Julia
18:35 - Anisimova Evgenia
18:40 - Kalenteev George
18:45 - Lizarkin Artem
18:50 - Muzika Julia
18:55 - Smolyanko Nadezhda
19:00 - Safarova Julia
19:05 - Grabezhnoy Denis

Partners of this project:

Speak! English Team

Speak! English Team

Beautiful Khabarovsk, Russian Far East