Forest of Stars

Forest of Stars

It happened a long time ago, when there still was a magical world inhabited by enchanted creatures.

A forest fawn named Ray and a winged kitten named Oliver have been best friends since early childhood. But one day there was a big quarrel, after which they went separate ways for a long time.

They have grown up since then. But Oliver still missed his old friend, so he decided to go in search of him.

He wandered for a long time through the forest, where Ray had gone for the last time, until he came to the clearing where they had once played merrily and carelessly. Suddenly, the winged cat saw that someone was sitting under the very tree where he and Ray used to like to relax. Coming closer, Oliver saw a sad young hybrid with one horn, on which the extinct stars hung.In him Oliver recognized his friend.

Ray heard the murmur that made him cautious, since his appearance has changed dramatically he was avoiding other living creatures. Imagine his surprise when he saw Oliver!

At first, Ray got embarrassed and wanted to flee because he didn’t want Oliver to see how his appearance changed. But the desire to see his friend was bigger than embarrassment, so Ray made a step toward Oliver.

Yes, the forest fawn has changed a lot, a lot has happened to him. He didn't look the same anymore, but to Oliver, Ray was as beautiful as ever. Because for a real friendship, it doesn't matter what you have become externally, it’s important what you have remained inside.

by Blue Pigeons

Каждая команда попыталась передать мысль о том, насколько важны в нашей жизни такие человеческие качества как доброта, эмпатия и принятие. Они особенно необходимы, когда мы взаимодействуем с людьми, чьи возможности ограничены здоровьем. Наши истории направлены на осознание того, что важен каждый из нас.

В августе у нас появился уникальный шанс расширить своё мировосприятие, посетив первые Международные детские инклюзивные творческие игры, которые прошли в Хабаровске с 12 по 19 августа. В играх приняли участие дети с ограниченными возможностями здоровья, но с безграничными возможностями для творческой реализации.

17 августа прошёл финал Игр, где были представлены творческие работы и выступления участников. Посмотреть его можно на платформе Медиа Метрикс или на YouTube-канале Игр.

Speak! English Team

Speak! English Team

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