Sakura of Love

Sakura of Love

Once upon a time in Japan there was a magic sakura tree on a hill. It would grant a wish to anyone who picked its flower.

There were many people coming here, making their wishes. Sadly, all of them were greedy and selfish. When only one flower was left on its branch, Sakura decided to keep it for  someone worthy.

Many years passed by until one young and lonely girl climbed up the hill to Sakura, willing to find true love.

She’s heard of one samurai, the most powerful warrior in Japan, who was also lonely. The girl made a wish for samurai to become her other half.

Sakura’s answer was that it needs to be watered for a week for the wish to come true. And so the girl did. Then, as was promised,  the last flower snapped off its branch seeking for the samurai.

The next day the flower found him. He saw and caught the flower, flying in the wind, whispering the girl was waiting for him.

The samurai put it in his pocket and ran to the girl right away. They met each other on that hill and fell in love at first sight.

As gratitude to Sakura, they planted flower’s seeds into the ground. It grew into another small magic sakura tree with only one flower as a symbol of their love.

Although it could not make everyone happy, it would fulfill the wish of who truly values others.

No longer lonely samurai and the girl named it Sakura of Love.

by Sakura Leaf

Каждая команда попыталась передать мысль о том, насколько важны в нашей жизни такие человеческие качества как доброта, эмпатия и принятие. Они особенно необходимы, когда мы взаимодействуем с людьми, чьи возможности ограничены здоровьем. Наши истории направлены на осознание того, что важен каждый из нас.

В августе у нас появился уникальный шанс расширить своё мировосприятие, посетив первые Международные детские инклюзивные творческие игры, которые прошли в Хабаровске с 12 по 19 августа. В играх приняли участие дети с ограниченными возможностями здоровья, но с безграничными возможностями для творческой реализации.

17 августа прошёл финал Игр, где были представлены творческие работы и выступления участников. Посмотреть его можно на платформе Медиа Метрикс или на YouTube-канале Игр.

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Speak! English Team

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